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The attorneys at Wolfberg & Wolfberg, P.C. have almost 60 years of combined experience.

We are ready to answer your legal questions regarding Estate Planning, Pet Trusts, General Litigation, Estate Litigation, Personal Injury, and California Incorporation.

California Incorporation

If you are starting a new business then you have many reasons to incorporate or form a limited liability company. A corporation that is properly set up and follows the laws of incorporation can help you protect your personal assets and can protect you from personal civil liability. Read more about California Incorporation.

Estate Planning

We are here to help you with your California Estate Planning needs. We can explain the process to you and we are able to set up your estate plan in a matter of hours.Read more about Estate Planning.

General Litigation

Unfortunately, disputes in our society are not uncommon. Our goal at Wolfberg and Wolfberg, P.C. is to help you resolve existing disputes and help you avoid future disputes. You deserve the best legal representation if someone is trying to take advantage of you. Read more about General Litigation.

Personal Injury

Personal injury claim is a claim for injuries caused by the fault of another person. A person who suffers a personal injury in California can recover money to compensate them for their past and future medical expenses as well as the past and future lost income. Read more about Personal Injury.

Pet Trusts

A Pet Trust prepared by Wolfberg & Wolfberg, P.C. will provide funds and directions to assist in day-to-day care issues as well as life or death decisions for your pets. Read more about Pet Trusts.

Estate Litigation

We have helped many clients prevent unjust distributions from a will or trust. Sadly, there are many stories in the news (and many that don’t make the news) about care givers who have used undue influence to convince a sick or elderly person to include the care giver or someone from the care giver’s family in a will or trust. There are laws that are designed to protect people who vulnerable to manipulative care givers. Read more about Estate Litigation.

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